Saturday, 7 June 2014

Content database Sizing & Cleanup

Problem:  At a customer site, a content database is massive.  Various Site collections are using the same content database. 

Initial Hypothesis:  Smaller site collections can be moved to new separate content databases.  This reduces the size to some degree.  The SQL log (ldf) is in good shape.  The excessive size is due to 3 unavoidable issues, multiple versions of large blobs (we need the versioning so not an option).  The recycle bin is set to the default 50% and my dumping older content is brings down the size and lastly, delete content databases are still sored within SQL. 

Resolution: Remove the previously deleted site collections fro the content database.   Using CA, I tried to run the "Gradual Site Delete timer job", it no difference, the delete site was still lingering about. 

Used PowerShell to remove the deleted site collections as shown above.  E.g. PS> Remove-SPDeletedSite -Identity ""

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