Thursday, 12 June 2014

Migration test of Sharegate to SP2013

Problem: I am looking at migrating some basic content into an SP2013 farm from SP2010.  I would normally opt for Metalogix or DocPoint if the client already has the licences but today I needed to use another tool namely Sharegate.  I used Sharegate.Migration.4.6.3

SP2010 blog posts to an existing SP2013 blog.
SP2010 lists into SP2013.

Screenshot of the tool:

Verdict:  A great tool, easy to use, mapped over data cleanly.  Absolute winner! 

Updated: 2018/10/23
I also like Metalogix but Sharegate is still a brilliant tool for SharePoint data migration.


HaVeN said...

I know this a June 2014 post, but do you know what (if any) are the fall backs/shortcomings that were experienced with Sharegate? Same goes for Metalogix?

Currently I'm in a scenario where there are SharePoint SMEs in the client side that want to leverage on Sharegate, while there are those supporting the technical aspect in the Service Provider side using Metalogix. Just want to ask your experiences of the two products. What are the pros and cons of the products.

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