Thursday, 28 August 2014

Monitoring SharePoint Public Websites

Overview:  This post is applicable to public website and not just SharePoint, I have used it for SharePoint and feel it is a good product.  The principle will apply to other monitoring products and services.

AlertFox is a SaaS monitoring service.  It allows me to monitor various websites using http posts or complicate macros to perform various steps such as logging into a website using ACS.  This differs from an internal monitoring service such as Solar Winds but it definitely has it's place.  I discuss various monitoring options in this post.

The benefits are:
  1. You are notified when the site is down and what the issue is from a web request point of view.
  2. You are monitoring externally so you can see what you customers see.
  3. You can see if your response time are slowing down.
  4. You keep the IIS webservers warmed up (so if you have an app pool recycle).
  5. Easy to monitor and you can setup alerts.
  6. Complex scenarios can be accounted for in testing so you know the complex parts of your site are working.
Image 1. See when you have problems, what the issue is and when it occurred.

Image 2. Verify the performance from around the world

Image 3. Check uptime



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