Saturday, 9 August 2014

PowerShell to Create and Remove Promoted Search Results in SharePoint 2013

Overview: I want to manage promoted results programatically.  PowerShell is a good candidate for automating the creation of "Promoted Results" previously/also known as "Search Best Bets".

In this post I provide PowerShell to create promoted results at the site collection.  The image below shows that my search has picked up 2 pages in my site collection.  I want to display a promoted result when a user types in certain terms in y case the search term is "Messi".  The picture bellows explains what I'm achieving through PS using promoted results.

To manually create Promoted Results:
  1. On the Site Collection, go Site Settings > Search Query Rules
  2. On the page select "All Sources" for the qu "For what context do you want to configure rules?"
  3. And select "Promoted Results Contains", you can add Promoted Results/Best Bets thru the UI at this point.
Or Open PromoteResults.ps1 and edit the Powershell to create the promoted results for you, comment out the DeletePromoteResults, as it is used to roll out the changes.
Run PromoteReults.ps1. 
Search for the term "Messi" and you will see the promoted result.


Unknown said...

Hi Paul,

I am facing the issue while running the script it give me below error.
"You cannot call a method on a null- valued expression" this error am getting at queryrules.createqueryrule.

could please provide some inputs on this.

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