Sunday, 18 October 2015

SharePoint 2016 Preview (Public Beta 1) on-prem Notes

Disclaimer:  This notes I made from workshops, what I have heard and the Unity Conference in Amsterdam 12-14 Oct 2015.  A lot of this information is from the workshop with Neil Hodgkinson and Spencer Harare), this is my takeaway summary.

Notes for Sp2016:
  • Same HW req as 2013.  Farm servers min still Mem 12-16 CPU x64 1x4 Disk, Disk 80GB
  • Pre-reqs: Win 2012 R2, Win Mgmt Framework 3.0 gives us DSC, .NET 4.5.2 ..., DSC can be used to pre-bake the VM image.
  • Same DB rules as recommended by MS, loosing dbs from 2013;  No new DBs, need SQL 2012 or 2014 (except project Server DB which is not part of SP).
  • Need Win 2012 standard or higher, not web edition, also dev can support windows 10
  • Still no support for VMWare dynamic memory
  • End-point encryption for SMTP
 - Upgrades and Patching
  • No Foundation edition, SP2013 found to Sp2016 Server
  • Path SP2013 > SP2016
  • SC must be in 15 mode to upgrade
  • Service Apps need to go SP2010 > SP2013 > SP2016
  • SP2010 to SP2016 need to go to 2013 RTM baseline
  • Changed patching, smaller packages and fewer restarts
  • PSConfig not locking farm, can run multiple psconfigs and lower/zero down time patching (with HA farms)
 - Roles & Services
  • Consider moving low impact services onto the traditional WFE role, keep the long running/batch processing (Crawl, search, MTS,  et al) on the app servers.
  • WFE (Access services, SSS, Subscription Services, UPS)
  • Distributed Cache has a quorum so need 3 not 2 for NA.
  • Health Analyser rule for min role enforcement:  Puts min role in the correct state.
  • Min Role does not manage the search topology
  • Watch, switching min roles as index would be lost unless it is replicates (2 instances of each index)
  • Services in Farm overrides the starting of services in the Min Roles,  so can never start "Request Management" in the "Services in Farm" but still use "Distributed Cache" min role.
  • Can always switch min roles "Convert server role" or create custom roles (watch as needs multiple instances to keep running and index could disappear).
 - Key Thresholds for 2016:
  • CDB sizing
  • 100K SC per CDB
  • Max file size 10GB
  • Search index up to 50 million items
  - User Profile Sync:
  • UPS Sync (FIM) is not Microsoft Identitiy Management (MIM)
  • 2 modes: Active Directory Import (light weight, not useful for most large enterprise clients, e.g. Can't import pics or use BCS) or MIM 2016
  • AD Import: faster than 2013, can only use AD, no profile picture. 
  • MIM 2016 was FIM - Standalone product, only using the sync engine part for SharePoint (free if only use this service, does need Win 2012 and SQL Server licence)
  • Using MIM management agent map AD properties to SP user Profile properties
  • Syncing is driven by MIM not by SharePoint (UPS sync)
- What's New:
  • Post to yammer from SP2016 doc library
  • Improved integration
  • Image and Video Preview (changed)
  • Doc Lib accessibility (improved keyboard short cuts, VI user experience improved)
  • SC creation faster on SP Site template using SPSite.Copy
  • Project Server is part of the SP binaries/install, project server using it's own project db and adds 4/5 tables to the content database.  Project Server affects 3 DB (Project db, content db and config db)
  • Save and share email attachments in SP2016

- Release Dates
  • Preview = Beta 1 Aug 2015
  • Beta 2 RC  = +- Nov/Dec 2015
  • RTM Q1/Q2 2016


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