Thursday, 15 October 2015

Hybrid Search 2016 Notes

Hybrid Search SP2016 (Also applies to SP2013):  Mixing on-prem and SPO results
  • Search can add all crawls into a single index within SharePoint online (historically we have had to use Search Federation to try combine result sets).  So historically we use search federation whereby there are multiple indexes that are the shown on a single page this approach for search result federation is refereed to as "Search-time merging".
Federated Search provide by MOSS, SP 2010 and SP 2013

  • The Index is held on SPO.  The new model is refereed to as "Index-time merging".
Single result set from multiple farms (joined the indexes into an SPO index). vNext hybrid search.
  • Crawls done on SP2016, 2013 and maybe 2010 are pushed into an Azure queue which in turn is combined onto the SPO index (I believe the Index is encrypted as rest in SPO)
  • Dir Sync is required between on prem AD and Azure AD 
UnityConnect Conference 2015 Amsterdam Search session - Architecture of Hybrid Search


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