Saturday, 10 October 2015

User Profile Service Application Notes

The People Picker Control in SharePoint 2013 & 2016
  • The People Picker control is used to find user, groups and claims.  You'll notice the people picker UI has 2 queries (you can normally see the lag), firstly the people picker looks at the UserInfo list in the local site collection and then it also looks at Active Directory (this is where the custom claims providers need to be written if you don't use AD).  A common misconception is thinking the people picker users the UPA to look for users, it does not use the UPA directly.  Indirectly, if the UserInfo is populated the People Picker gets the user from the 1st lookup.
  • The UserInfo table is populated with the initial stub when a user is added to the security or the 1st time the login to the site collection.  
  • The UserInfo list is not updated if you add the user via an AD group or if you pick the user in a list within a people picker column.
  • The UserInfo on each site collection gets an initial stub of information in the list and a timer job at the web application level looks for a list of users to perform a sync (update more into for the user in the userinfo table), this runs every 5 minutes by default.  Job is: User Profile to SharePoint Quick Sync.


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