Tuesday, 13 February 2018

GIT Intro

Overview: Git is is very popular and it is similar to existing version control systems.  The key is to be able to work on multiple branches that you can go to at any point.

Let's get started..

Start a new Git repository (repo) - all folders created under the main git folder are part of the repository. Any changes are kept track of and all change history is recorded.  The new repo has a default main branch created automatically.  To create a new repo use the syntax:

>git init

There are files you don't want to keep track of in the repo, so use the .gitignore files or folders to skip specific files from being tracked int he repo.

Once you are writing code, you get a Git local staging area.  -A means All files and folders

>git add -A

Now you make changes in your staging environment via your IDE, and need to add it back to the default "Main" branch.

Create a repo, add code, change code and commit to the branch.


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