Thursday, 4 April 2019

Adding users to all new SQL database using Azure AD groups

Problem:  I have a dedicated SQL 2017 VM on Azure that is joined to my Azure AD tenant e.g. (Azure AD Domain Service).  I need a set of users to have read and write access to all databases that get provisioned on the SQL 2017 instance.

Initial Hypothesis: 
Create an Azure AD security group and add all the AAD users and
Add the AAD group to the Model database with the permissions that all new database should have.

1. Using Azure AD create a new security group, I called my group developers and add the users as members Fig 1.& Fig2.
Fig 1. Azure Portal, go to Azure AD and Groups

Fig2. Add the security group

2. Add the AAD Group e.g.\Developers to the System "Model Database", I have given the group read and write access below in Fig 3.
Fig3. Add permissions to the Model DB
3. Create a new database and validate that the new permissions are added to the new database as shown in fig4.
Note: Changing exsiting DB permissions
To add permissions to existing database, an option is to run
EXEC sp_MSForEachDB 'exec sp_addrolemember ''db_datareader'',''INT\paul.beck'''
T-SQL to list of Daatbase: EXEC sp_MSforeachdb 'USE ? SELECT SF.Name FROM sys.databases SF'


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