Wednesday, 3 April 2019

PowerBI Pro for O365 Licencing

Problem:  Requirement to provide reporting and dashboards quickly and securely at a reasonable price.

Hypothesis: There are great reporting solutions and a couple of enterprise leading products are Tableau and Spotify.  These can get pretty expensive installing and paying for licencing.

Proposed Resolution: PowerBI Pro (PowerBI Premium is for larger enterprise solutions) is a cloud based solution that can connect to multiple data source and on-prem using the Gateway.  E5 licences include the PowerBI Pro licence for creating and publishing reports.  E3 licence can get a add-on for about £7.50 per month.  This is only needed by the people creating the reports.
To paraphrase "You can embed the report (not dashboard) on a SharePoint web page and share it with company users. You will then only be needing one licence to publish the report. The downside of this option is there is no builtin security for the report. Anyone who has access to the web page can access the report."

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and understanding, pls check your licencing with Microsoft and a licencing professional.


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