Monday, 2 December 2019 to SharePoint migrations & O365 improvements Tenant to SPO Tenant migrations:  Mover has been bought by MS and allows moving files from, drop box and others into SharePoint (it's going to be free).

  • Fast Track has a tool that can do migrations, but the Mover tool is a great option.  
  • Mover allows for incremental update, permissions are roughly copied.  
  • File versions are not copied, only the latest file.  
  • Look out for file size and file types in the source.  
  • Look out for file names, 0365 has restrictions on special chars, and Mover shall remove them from the destination file name e.g. *,/<>.:
  • Original timestamps are kept
  • I didn't need to move custom properties from Box into SharePoint metadata and I can't see this functionality (I did read the ProvenTeq do metadata migrations)
  • A scan of the source data and a spike/PoC is a good idea to know what limitation you shall face.
  • Mover is a good starting place for the technology to migrate from Box onto SharePoint Online.
  • ProvenTeq have a to SharePoint migration tool - I haven't used it.
  • MigrationWiz can migrate from to SharePoint (I've never used it).  
  • Use "Box embedded widget" to access Box content from inside SharePoint.
  • Custom code for migrations: and SharePoint REST have great API's but you'll need to manage the throttling, changes/updates and permissions yourself.  Use a tool unless there is no suitable tool.  
  • The same common sense approach as outlined a few years ago for Lotus Notes to SharePoint on-prem. migration is essential.
Key SharePoint online limitations have been increased namely:
  • 500k site collections per tenant is raised to 2 million SC/tenant
  • SharePoint Online & OD4F file upload max size increased to 100GB max size
Sensitivity Labels: AIP, DRP, Teams, unified labeling experience across O365.  Sensitivity labels will be added to document added using an O365 E5 licence for the import from 

  • Sensitivity labels work with teams now!  
  • Private channel are now available.
  • Sensitivity labels therefore allow for governance and protecting your teams and team channels.

OD4B: Allows external upload only permissions.  Really useful as the number of large clients that still only support SFTP/SSH or worst FTP to share files.  Very quick low risk locked down way of getting files from clients and partners.

O365 tenant to tenant migrations: There seems to be a lot happening in this area but right not it's use the tools and Fast track.

Plus Addressing in Exchange Online: Exchange online offer Plus Address.  Allows you to signup to newsletters and you can identify if you email address is sold on.  e.g, i will get the email for, if it is sold on, you know where have sold on my details.


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