Thursday, 12 December 2019

PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Beta Exam

Overview:  This morning, I took the PL-900 Beta exam; it is seriously tough.  I don't think I passed but let us see as the results come out 2 weeks after the beta is closed.

My Thoughts: The exam covers three products: Power BI, Power Apps & Power Automate (formerly called Microsoft Flow) but is extremely wide-ranging on relying Microsoft technology.  You really need to have worked in detail with the products as the questions were not straight forward and often combine multiple related services/products.

What I learnt:  You need to know the 3 products well, and how the interact.  My connectors knowledge could be better, CDS comes in a lot, and my Dynamics 365 knowledge is lacking.  There were some Cognitive service questions that I was not ready to deal with.  It is a good test of knowledge, that has helped me realize I have holes in my knowledge on the Power Platform.

The exam itself:  Microsoft exams become easier as you learn how they ask questions, I found some of the language and questions difficult to follow.   What is the question actually being asked but this is pretty standard in a lot of Microsoft certification exams.

I did the exam remotely using Pearson/VUE software, which is great.  No need to book and go to a test centre.  They check your environment and identification and watch you throughout.  I got a warning for reading aloud, which until that point was awesome as the wording of the questions is not the easiest to understand, but it makes sense as people could record the questions using audio for cheating with brain dumps.

  • I am convinced that I failed PL-900.  
  • I learnt a lot preparing for the exam and it was a good experience.
  • I need to look at Dynamics & Cognitive Services in more detail.
  • Remote exams are awesome and secure the way they are done & don't talk to yourself during the exam.
  • I've missed taking Microsoft and other certifications.


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