Sunday, 8 March 2020

Handling Security Incidents

Security Incident: An incident that potentially has compromised a companies systems or data.

Goal:  Focus on restoring confidentiality of systems/data and prevent further attack.  Contain the incident and eradicate the issue.  Full resolution target timeline is met for incidents.  These incidents can take up to 100 days but depends on the complexity.  

Examples:  Virus, Trojan Horse, Stolen data, increased unauthorized permissions, compromised server, copying data, DoS, unauthorized system access, ....

Need to record each event and work through the life-cycle (ISO 27035).  Can be dedicated software or modules such as ServiceNow's Security Incident Response (SIR).

  1. Plan & Prepare
  2. Detection
  3. Assessment and Decision - Get logs, review/analyse, document the findings, notify leadership teams.  Impact/Priority e.g. Critical vs Low business impact.
  4. Response - limit damage plan, decide on approach, notify if needed and remediate.
  5. Lessons Learnt - ensure the threat is removed and potential lessons can help improve the attach surface for similar issues.

Note: Be careful not to delete forensic evidence.

Tip: Organisations must have a Security Incident Plan.  Plan, be ready, know what to do in advance improves the handling of Security incident.


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