Friday, 10 July 2020

Power Apps Tracing to App Insights Not Working in edit mode

Overview: Power Apps integrates to directly log to App insights.  This post looks at the issues around Tracing in App insights.

Setup & Verify:
App Insights instance Instrument Key Required, Config you Power App to Trace to App Insights, and create a button to test.
The Monitor Tool is fantastic for tracing all outbound traffic, you no longer need to go to the service and check if Power Apps is reaching.  For example I use to have to look at the APIM Azure App logs for custom Connectors.
I can see all my interactions in Power Apps and travelling out.  This is a massive win for Power Apps so giving Tracing from the front end.

Greg Lindhorst, wrote a post on using the Power Apps Monitor Tool for debugging and performance improvement.

Problem: It normally takes a few minutes (like 2 minutes) to show up in App Insights, it is not showing up after 15 minutes.  Let's see, I've drop the Power Apps team a message and i think it's a bug that has crept in recently.  Today is 10 July 2020.  I've also notice that none of my Session page tracing is showing up in App Insights.

Update: 11 July 2020, the Power Apps behaviour has been on my mind.  I'm in edit mode, and when I publish the app and use it, App Insights logs perfectly.  When in edit mode running the app, even direct traces, no logging into Power Apps.  I did not realise this, but it kind of makes sense.

Resolution: Publish & Run the app, and the Tracing and Power App session tracing shows up in App Insights.

Only when I Run the Published App to my Page Views and Custom Traces get logged in App Insights.


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