Sunday, 13 December 2020

ISO 27001 Certification & OWASP

Overview:  I have been thru several ISO and security audits over the years for various companies offering SaaS products.  This post outlines a some of my note around the latest ISO 27001 audit I touched on.

ISO 27001 covers Information Security Management (ISMS) which is about protecting and managing your businesses information assets to reduce your business risks.  It demonstrates that your organisation has good security practices in place.

Note: ISO 27001 is a management of systems standard for an organisation, it is not done for a particular product.  

An ISO 27001 ISMS consists of policies, procedures and other controls involving people, processes and technology".

Parts to an ISO 27001 audit:

  • Part 1 - Check you have the correct documentation.  
            Output is a go ahead and get a visit plan from the auditor.
  • Part 2 - Checks you as a business are complying/working to the documentation.  Basically evidence based reporting based on visual confirmations and discussing with the staff using interviews to verify compliance (sample based auditing).  Findings normally grouped into 3 types of findings: 1)   Opportunity for improvement = suggestions, need to review before next audit to see if this is worth implementing 2) Non conformance - Minor = can have a few of these, look to fix 3) Non conformance - Major - won't get certification with a major.  There is a period to address/fix major issue/issues.  Always complete the phase 2 audit as they may discover other majors.
            Output Findings report and several weeks latter the certification.
  • Certification
  • Yearly: Need to repeat and show you are improving based on the findings and the audit will generally go into specific areas in more detail.
More Info:
Data Protection and Regulation note - see bottom of post for ISO27001

Business Continuity quarter check
Annual Security Policy & Standard Review 
Security training - different roles need different training
Annual penetration testing
Audit annual re-certification days
Risk Information: Non conformity & root cause analysis

Technical:  Encryption and REST, Encryption in Transit, DAST/SAST on code, =logically secure customer data/security, Azure Defender to harden infra and continuously monitor, vulnerability or external penetration testing, ASVS/OWASP.

ISO 27701 - "ISO 27701 extends the meaning of “information security” detailed in ISO 27001. While the privacy and protection of personal data is part of ISO 27001, the newer standard extends the scope to include the “protection of privacy as potentially affected by the processing of PI" source:

ISO 27017 - is a security standard developed for cloud service providers and users to make a safer cloud-based environment and reduce the risk of security source Wikipedia.  I think ISO27017 is now part of ISO27001 extended.

ISO 28000 - is the spec for security management systems for the supply chain (partner dependancies e.g. software vendor, hosting company service)

ISAE 3402/SOC 2/ISO 27001 - about verification of business processes/internal controls of the business of of a high standard.


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