Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Testing your home Internet Speed using your IPhone

Problem:  Broadband offers various speeds options when purchasing, the actual speeds you get are usually well below and depend on you specific instance. 

Initial Hypothesis:  iOS has multiple apps to monitor speed to your iPhone.  

Resolution:  Download "Speedtest" using the app store an any Apple device.   5G performance is fantastic.

Below are my Results, I live in South West London (Zone 4)

Sky broadband - SW London

Broadband Download (Mbps)  Up Speed (Mbps)  Location             
Sky phone 34.80 5.72 SW London 
EE 4G - LTE 13.00 0.13 SW London
O2 4G - LTE 16.90 10.20SW London
EE - 5G 372.00 19.80 Newcastle

EE 4G - Mobile
EE 4G - SW London

O2 4G - SW London

5G - Newcastle

Speed tests vary greatly, so worth doing at least 3 to get an average. 70 Mbps download on EE4G is very possible so the download speeds can be as good as my Sky broadband.  5G performance is fantastic - the MIFI/5G routers are going to be awesome when 5G rolls out to my area.  Using O2 and EE at my home, O2 is way faster down but interesting the upload speed is amazing using O2 (The O2 tower is way better positioned).


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