Sunday, 9 May 2021

SaaS Go-to-Market (GTM)

Overview: Setting up a new SaaS product is about getting a product that fits into a market.  I like the 1/10/100 strategy especially in the B2B market.  For me it is about getting the product offering right before pushing money into marketing or generating revenue.  The issue is you need to be fully ready including items where support is a low touch as possible.  

A common mistake is not having private beta's and keeping the beta small.  It's dead easy, get 1 trusted customer that you have an open and honest relationship to find the easy improvements, and figure out how to support them and answer questions ...

Customer must have the need, preferably with a bad experience of a competitor in the same market, high trust relationship, and have high expectations for the offering.

So the tech and monitoring, onboarding is all done, we start with 1 customer in beta.  We learn lessons, improve the product, and now we prepare for a private beta for 10 customers.  Get comms right, ensure all support and monitoring is in place.


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