Sunday, 16 May 2021

Model Driven Apps in Power Apps

Overview:  Model-driven apps are one of three types of PowerApps we can build.  Sits on the CDS/Dataverse.

Model Driven Apps use the CDS to hold the data to drive the application.  CDS has an encrypted REST API to access the data which makes it great for building and connecting 3rd party applications.  

Choose from the three types of Power Apps available.

As the model driven app is based on the CDS model, you need to ensure you have the appropriate entities and attributes.  Very similar to ERD/UML modelling.  
  • Either standard or activity (time base) as a starting point for creating new entities.
  • There are lots of attribute type e.g. text field digital number, or email address...  
  • The Security model is great for ensuring the correct people have the appropriate rights to the data and CDS instance.  User can have multiple security roles and are additive (positive) in nature.
Note:  A lot of this information comes from the Power Apps App Maker training day from Microsoft.  The course is excellent and I wish I'd seen this before doing the PL-100 exam.


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