Sunday, 1 August 2021

JMeter - The basics

JMeter is an easy to use open source load testing tool by simulating network requests.  JMeter is good for figuring out how well the server side responses are working under different test conditions.  JMeter is built with Java and can run on Linux, Mac or Windows using a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

JMeter is Single Agent:

  • JMeter runs from the machine it is installed on so it does not have multiple agents.  Saying that it can simulate hundreds of users on fairly low spec machines.  
  • To avoid network latency, test on the same subnet or data center.  A simple VM in Azure (with 2 vCPU's and 8 GB RAM) can mimic over a thousand requests per second.
  • You can run tests off multiple machines to generate extreme loads (first I would use 8 cores and 64GB ram until the network traffic is maxed).
  • Install the Windows JDK 11 before installing installing JMeter.
JMeter GUI
Open /bin/jmeter.bat


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