Saturday, 19 March 2022

Integrating Software & Data Thoughts

Problem: Systems need to communicate, the simplest is a one-way communication (Mono directional) done on a scheduled basis, the hardest is 2-way comms, in real time. 

Hypothesis: Figure out you requirement, this sounds odd but 2 way with both being the primary causes headaches.  Adding multiple systems and security at a user level makes integration more complex. 
Keep it simple figure out: 
  • Apps to connects - Can be an N-to-M set of relationships 
  • Direction/Parent - One way, 2 way. 
  • Re-occurrence - scheduled, events, real-time. 
Your application will generally be the spoke and not the hub.  So if you are the hub the generally accepted way for SaaS is for the hub to offer an Open API and the hub controls the schedule/event to get or push the data to the hub.

Possible resolutions
  • Central Sw that has connectors can be a good option for complex multisystem communication:
  • Always understand the API's hopefully you don't need to use exports to get data but sometimes you need to fall back to this level.
  • Also ensuring transactions are completed over 2 systems need to validate data is committed, use Saga or 2PC pattern.


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