Monday, 2 May 2022

Useful Generic Resources from Microsoft - Miscellaneous

1. Microsoft Style Guide

Microsoft have an extremely useful Microsoft Style Guide for websites and apps to ensure the communication is clear and consistent.  It is simple to follow and makes understanding for customers easier.  The key takeaway for me is be consistent and "Be warm and relaxed, crisp and clear, and ready to lend a hand as appropriate for the context." Developer content - Microsoft Style Guide | Microsoft Docs 

For Ux Developers, the finalised messages is generally not available (or known) so it is good if they provide messages that they believe are correct that are "warm and relaxed, clear, and contextual", this allows for updates to be much easier for the final content reviewer.

2. Fluent UI

Fluent UI Fluent UI - Get started - Fluent UI ( is useful to provide a consistent framework for Ux.

3. Frontend Bootcamp

Microsoft Days in the Web - Welcome

4. Kiota


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