Friday, 12 November 2010

Installing SharePoint using a dedicated Installation account

Problem: Best practice is to install SharePoint servers using a dedicated install account.  This account is not the farm account.  Once the installation is complete, the installation account should be disabled.  You need to install in the role of the admin account to install correctly. 

Note:  If your install and farm account are the same as is often the case, this post does not apply to you.

Initial Hypothesis:  It is only worth following this post if you are using at least 5 or more accounts for your farm install.  The idea is that the installation account is disabled after installation.

Resolution:  The farm account needs the 2 SQL Server security roles namely: dbcreator and securityadmin.  The farm account still needs local admin permission rights on each Web Front End (WFE) server.  The Installation account does not need any SQL Server permissions.

Using the codeplex AutoSPinstaller.  Launch the installer using a cmd prompt using the runs cmd to run in the farm domain admin priviledge.
cmd> runas /user:demo\farm_admin %windir%\system32\cmd.exe
cmd> D:\SP2010\Script>Launch.bat

You can also do the runas shotcut to change the account installing SharePoint.
Update 6 Dec 2010 - Hold down the shift key and right click the cmd prompt program menu, you are given the "run as .." menu option.

Update: 22 June 2011 - the current version of AutoSPInstaller is 2.5, additionallly the codeplex project is called AutoSPIntaller not SPAutoInstaller as previously named.

AutoSPInstaller - Step-by-step guide:


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