Thursday, 24 February 2011

How is SharePoint selling - a consultancy services roadmap

Overview: SharePoint is being taken up very quickly but it's a difficult market to measure.  A figure I heard at a conference a few months ago is that for every $1 spent on licencing generates $6 in consultancy.  I don't know this ratio was determined but if the number of licences being sold is on the up, it follows there will be a great deal of consulting services needed.

Most organisations I have dealt with use SharePoint to a very limited extent.  It has a lot more to offer than clients are taking up.  Intranets, file server replacement and collaboration are the main impetus for using SharePoint.  My feeling especially with SharePoint 2010 will be a shift toward better integration and using SP as a development platform.  Office 365 plays into this consultancy business also.  The main issue will be with setup/on site installations taking a hit however there still will be a need on site installations but more companies will choose SharePoint as a service and this is only a positive that results in more people taking to the product.

The companies affected will be the hosting companies as they will loose a lot of there sales, Azure will also affect them.  They have been loyal customers of MS for years and unless they change their offering to be more consultancy service based they will take a huge hit.

Anyway some quotes to show how SharePoint is selling:

"SharePoint licenses have surpassed the 100-million mark and more than 17,000 customers use SharePoint." Microsoft Technet 9 Feb 2011.

"Microsoft’s fastest selling server based product" is a phrase often banded about not sure what this metric is but it sounds good.



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