Saturday, 5 February 2011

What version of SharePoint do I have? Common mistake!

Problem: You have a SharePoint web site and you have no idea what version is running.

Initial Hypthesis: Using Central Admin (CA) you can lookup the exact version.  However, if you are looking ata  website or don't have CA access, a lot of people think they can look at the http header.  (You can see the https header using fiddler or the IE developer tools).  However, the http header with the version number is not the actual version installed.  It is the version when the SharePoint install was performed!
This behaviour applied to MOSS and I have no idea if it is fixed in SP2010.  The http and you version number will be idenitcal if you install using slipstreamed images as the install will include the patches you have in you install.
  • You can't rely on the http header SharePoint version number returned via the page requests to determine the version of SharePoint you are looking at.
  • I recommend removing the http header info for SharePoint as it makes a hackers life marginally more difficult as they don't know what version you are patched to or originally installed.  They will also need to use another technique to determine if your website is a SharePoint server. 
  • Todd Bleaker has a simple technique for identify SharePoint public websites, "Since most people allow anonymous access to the images in the 60 Hive/12 Hive and there really isn't any reason to remove the default images (in fact it probably isn't supported), it is an easy litmus test to detect SharePoint.  However, I recently wanted to determine whether a site was SharePoint 2010 or not, but since visual upgrade is now a viable upgrade scenario and CPVW.GIF is not unique to the SharePoint 2010 I needed something new to look for. So, I poked around a bit and found that /_layouts/images/FGIMG.PNG isn't too hard to remember and it shows an equally unlikely image to be in a non-SharePoint 2010 site". 
More Info:

Update 28/03/2010 - Todd Carter has a post on versions of SharePoint Versions
Update 20/02/2012 - PS to determine SP edtition and patching level


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