Friday, 4 February 2011

Issue in Document libraries in MOSS using Word 2010

Problem:  The business upgrades there Office desktop version to Office 2010.  If a user needs to add new documents into a document library running on MOSS.  Word 2010 opens and then throws the error "This file could not be found.".
Initial Hypothesis: Office(Word) 2007 and Office(Word) 2003 can create the new documents.  Office(Word) 2010 can edit a document added by a previous version or an uploaded document correctly.  The issue appears to be between Word 2010 and document libraries in MOSS when adding a new document under SSL.

I can open the full url to the word template correctly using IE and Word 2010, so the issue must be with the url that is crafted for Word 2010.

I was looking at the templates associate with each content type in my document library, the path is always relative however, as I am adding the the template it stores a relative value.

Resolution: The url that is requested using the new document derives from the content type's default document template.  My site uses SSL, and it looks like the path that SharePoint generate is incorrect (I need to confirm this using fiddler, but as I'm on my clients site using a locked down workstation and no access to the servers I can't see the url being generated).  Anyway, my fix is to save the full https path in the "Enter the URL of an existing document template".


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