Saturday, 19 November 2011

Product Evaluation - Knowledge Base from Bamboo Solutions

Problem: I need a Knowledge Base (KB) solution and the OOTB tweeking is OK but needs improvement.  So my options are find a 3rd party product or build my own.

Initial Hypothesis: Using 3rd party solutions is my prefered approach, I don't want to recreate the wheel but the product need to add value and be configurable to meet my requirements.  I have used Bamboo web parts in the past and liek their web parts, so I found Knowledge Base Solution Accelerator.

My Resolution:
I have only tried this on a developer standalone VM but I'm hugely impressed, the UI is good, the functionality is what I'm looking for which makes sense as KB are pretty universal. 

The setup was easy and configuration is good for different requirements so it is a good start.  The cost is $4K per server so very reasonable for the functionality.  The webparts such as the Data View Web Part is usable in other sites.

Definately recommend this solution.


Mike said...

Hi, you are also welcome to try other solution allows to easily create full-functionally knowledge base in SharePoint site:

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