Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Publishing Features for ALL Site Collections

Problem: The "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" is only available to Site collections on farms that run "SharePoint 2010 Enterprise or Standard" editions. The publishing feature (SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure) adds functionality such as menus for navigation, changing page layout, publishing web pages & swapping master pages.

Initial Hypothesis: If you have SharePoint 2010 Foundation or have not enabled the "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" you do not have the UI to work with key functionality for your site collection such as swapping the master page or editing the navigation.  Some of this functionality is available through the UI it is just hidden from the site settings page.
For example:
Master pages can be swapped at: http:///_layouts/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx
Resolution:  If you want some publishing features you could look at


Anonymous said...

This is what was missing in the version of "Foundation"!
But, if used a localized version of Sharepoint Foundation, many features of your solution is not available, since, as far as is known, within the Sharepoint uses a localized objects names!
And what do it?


Paul Beck said...

Hi Serg,

The codeplex project is Manju's, not mine. I have no idea about localisation for his tool. This helps give you some extra features not available in the foundation edition, follow the post and speak to the guys that developed it, to see if they have any ideas for your issues.


Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!

Please checkout Mund Publishing Infrastructure 2.0, a publishing feature for SharePoint Foundation.

It has a set of excellent features as outlined below:

• Manage Custom Master Pages
• Manage Page Layouts
• Manage Publishing Web Pages
• Manage Welcome Page or home Page for Sites
• Manage Navigation
• Edit Publishing Page
• Localization
• Search webparts

I would appreciate your feedbacks.


Anonymous said...

Does it work with SharePoint Foundation 2013?

Paul Beck said...

"Mund feature" should work, I haven't tried it SP 2013 Preview. The changing master pages does work on SP2013 Foundation.

dev said...

Hi Paul,
Is there any special settings required, i have tries this feature with SP2013 Foundation, and its not working for me, throwing some ugly error with correlation id is also not helping.
can you guide from where i can find help on configuring this on SP2013.

Paul Beck said...

Hi Dev,

You will need to post the error message from the ULS. I haven't tried Sumit's wsp. Can you change the master page using the url above?

Actually, give me more detail on what you are trying to do pls.


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