Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Migrate lists between environments

Problem: A client has been entering list data in your QA environement and wants the data migrated into production.

1) Migrate the list using a list template.  Navigate to the list > Under List tools select List > List Settings > Save list as template.

Limitations is lookup columns & high numbers of rows.
2) Export to access and import into the new environment.
Limitation is that history is lost, created by and modified bu are also lost.
3) Bakup a list using CA or Powershell and restore the list, the restore will need to be done using PoweShell (there is no UI in CA).
4) Use a migration tool such as Metalogix, MetaVis, Quest, Tzunami, AveDoc from AvePoint, Idera.  Personally I like Metalogix for SharePoint migration.  The AvePoint tool is good and Quest I can vouch for for migrations.  I believe all the tools are pretty good. 
5) Chris O'brien's Content Deployment Wizard - http://spdeploymentwizard.codeplex.com/


Johnny said...

I also used the Metalogix tool, Migration Manager for SharePoint, and really liked it. Was better than the others I tried.

Chris Howell said...

Haven't had the chance to use the Metalogix tool myself but have instead used Gary Lapointe commands:

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