Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sandbox solution ULS logging

Overview: Step-by-step instructions to create a logging module for Sandbox solutions using a full trus proxy that logs to the ULS.

1.> Ensure Sandbox solutions service is running:

1.1.> If the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service" is stopped start it either thru CA (shown above or PS). 
PS> Start-Service -Name SPUserCodeV4

1.2.> Ensure the Windows service is running.

2.> Create project to test the full trust ULS logging proxy.
2.1> Create a Visual Studio project that deploys as a sandbox solution (test rig)

2.2.> Create a visual web part for sandboxed solutions (VSIX/Extension maneger: Visual Studion 2010 SharePoint Power Tools)

Note:  The submit button does not perform any action as the Full Trust Proxy must be created and deployed so we can use it to log code to the ULS.

3.> Create a ful trust proxy that code in the sandbox solution can call to add the error message to the ULS logs.

3.1.> Create an empty SharePoint project using Visual Studio 2010that deploys to the farm.
3.2.> CKSDev (VSIX extension has a SPI template to create a full trust proxy).  I used the SPI to create my ful trust proxy.
3.3.> Create the code to log to the ULS

3.4.> Edit the full trust proxy to use the ULS logging code created above.
4.> Add the proxy code call to the test rig/proxy caller i.e. sandboxed solution code.

Tip: Resart the Sandbox solution work process after each deployment

Tip: Use Powershell to check a correlation Id quickly:
PS>Get-SPLogEvent | ?{$_.Correlation -eq ""} | ft Category, Message -Autosize



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