Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Migrate MOSS site collection to SP2010

Problem: A common upgrade scenario I get in the role as a solutions architect is to move a site collection from a MOSS site to SP2010.
Initial Hypothesis: Do a side-by-side upgrade. Leave the existing site collection (or lock) it until the upgrade has the site collection on the new infrastructure. Don't go straight to production and I recommend doing the full upgrade on a standalone VM dev machine before even getting to test or production; this ensure the process works, is test and is repeatable.

Resolution: My suggested approach is to backup the content database containing the site collection, perform a “preupgradecheck and migrate it onto SP2010 on a dev machine. Next perform a backup of the site collection using CA or PS> as shown here Create the Installation Plan document that deploys the wsp’s and restore the site collection.  You can now move where the site collection to an existing content database.

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