Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cross Cutting Concerns for SharePoint 2013

Overview:  Last week I was speaking to a smart chap and he dropped the term Cross Cutting Concern as we were discussing SharePoint Host Apps (SPHA) and JavaScript.

Problem:  When creating apps for SharePoint 2013 multiple solutions need to address cross cutting concerns.  In the past I deployed a SharePoint library with caching, logging, lazy loading and various other "Cross Cutting Concerns", now for Provider Host Apps (PHA), SPHA and JS embedded within pages and Single Page Apps (SPA) we need frameworks for clients to address common components.

Caching for Client Side Code: In JavaScript you can either cache using the client cookie which is small or in HTML 5 based browsers use the JavaScript local store. 
Caching on the Server: All the normal Caching of C# or Azure are available.  Also look at Redis.

Update 27/01/2015:


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