Saturday, 28 September 2019

Flutter vs Xamarin vs React Native vs PhoneGap

Overview:  As a solution architect and CTO I need to choose the right approach to help our clients select the correct technology and approach to delivering solutions.
Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin
My History of Building Mobile Applications:
  • Originally, building mobile apps required building two code bases generally for Android and iOS in their own language.  Xamarin also allows you to write in C# for a specific platform.
  • Next came a single code base that compiled down into each native platform (Droid and iOS), then we would customize for each platform.
    • I like Xamarin Forms as I want native apps with a single code base (C#).  One can also write separate code bases for each of the 2 main mobile platforms. 
    • React Native is built using Facebook's ReactJS library.  React Native like Xamarin Forms uses a single code base that compiles a iOS and a Android app.
  • Note: An alternative around this time was to use HTML5 with PhoneGap and deploy to both mobile platforms, native controls could be used but this was once again a split in the code base.
  • Flutter is the newest of the options.  Flutter is from Google and uses it's own DART language, it then can be compiled into various formats including iOS and Android.  Flutter goes back to the single code base that pushes native apps to multiple platforms.  Including the Web.  It is fast, looks good, great native interaction.

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