Wednesday, 4 September 2019

SCRUM - Part 4 - Scrum with Kanban

Overview:  Kanban is a good lean framework for delivering software projects.  I like to lift parts of Kanban into my Scrum teams.  Kanban focus on flow/process improvement which can be useful to leaverage.

Kanban boards - It's common to use Kanban boards so your team can use the sprint states for PBI's to merely show progress and helps identify PBI that are struggling to get to a done state.  I pretty much always use additional tools when doing sprint.  Another common example id story points (it is not part of Scrum but useful for PBI estimating).
Kanban allows items to be added at anytime and this is not the way to go with Scrum that has a fixed set of PBI for the duration of the sprint.  Often the Scrum team gets support tickets if they are a product team development team.

Problem: So for instance, at a SaaS provider the team had to do 3rd line support tickets that came in as a urgent priority.  The team were using Sprint and it wasn't working for delivering planned work enhancements.  Everything was jumbled and deadlines were getting missed. 
Resolution:  30% of the 2 week sprints were placeholders that could enter the Sprint during the sprint.  This worked really well and actually started at 40% and was reduced once the team got confidence.  This allowed grooming of the support tickets so only proper 3rd level support tickets were entering the sprint.  It takes commitment but this worked well to solve the specific problem.

Basically in the same team use Scrum for product development and Kanban for support.

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