Sunday, 29 September 2019

OAuth for Custom Connectors

Problem:  I have an APIM end point that has both the subscription key and OAuth2 setup for security and I need to connect Power Apps.

There are basically two parts to this problem, setting up your Power App to use OAuth and then also passing in the subscription key on every APIM end point request.
  • This post assumes that both the APIM App registration and the Client App have been registered on Azure AD.
  • Check with postman can access the end point as shown below.  Postman will authenicate and use the bearer token (OAuth) and the subscription as shown below to test
Client ID: 5559555-555a-5558-5554-555d4
Auth URL:
Token URL:
Refresh URL:

We now know the APIM is working with OAuth and the subscription key.
Configure OAuth from Power Apps:
  • Once Postman can get valid 200 responses using OAuth2 and the subscription key, setup the custom connector.  I could not get the Azure AD connector to work so i used the OAuth connector as shown below: 

Add a policy that will add the subscription key to every https request to the APIM/resources as shown below.

Updated 2 Feb 2020 - Example of custom OAuth code flow authentication for a custom API's using AAD security.


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