Monday, 20 September 2010

CKSdev codeplex SPMetal SPI improvement

Matt Smith, David Mann, Todd Bleaker, Wes Hackett, Waldek Mastykarz & Wouter van Vugt have done a great job with CKSdev and they have upgraded the codeplex project recently that includes "Improved SPMetal SPI".  This is a visual studio template placed under the SharePoint 2010 grouping that allows you to add your SPMetal code to your project easily.  Previously you had to either create the LINQ to SharePoint class using the command prompt and provide switches such as the namespace.   Then I have to manually add/over right the class file generated into my source controlled code.  The other option was to add the SPMetal build to pre-build using the SPMetal cmds and each time and you need the SPMetal proxy file being overwritten to be out of source control i.e. this wouldn't work with your source control without a workaround.

Using the SPMetal Definitions included in the latest CKSDev project code is definitely a productivity improvement.


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