Wednesday, 1 September 2010

SP2010 AutoSPInstaller Prerequisite Install Issues (Codeplex PS project)

Problem: Install SP2010 using the CodePlex PowerShell Installer (AutoSPInstaller) without internet access.

Add the following KB to the prerequisiteInstaller folder:
  • Windows6.0-KB968930-x64.msu (/POWERSHELL)
  • Windows6.0-KB976394-x64.msu (/KB976394)
  • Windows6.1-KB976462-v2-x64.msu (/KB976462)
  • Windows6.0-KB974405-x64.msu (/IDFXR2)
  • rsSharePoint.msi (/ReportingServices)
  • SpeechPlatformRuntime.msi (/Speech)
  • MSSpeech_SP_en-us_tele.msi (/SpeechLPK)

Error: Error.  An unknown error occurred installing prerequisites at c:\....\AutoSPInstaller.sp1:388 char:14 ...

Fix: Reboot server and retry.


Error: The tool was unable to install SQL 2008 R2 Reporting Services SharePoint 2010 add-in. Install process returned (0X643=1603).  Applies to the codeplex Powershell scripted install.
Fix: Only info I found suggested a re-run fixes the error. Simply re-running the prerequisite installer did not fix the issue for me. A similar error suggesting that i am using the incorrect version of rsSharepoint.msi relating to the Genva framework (claims) not Reporting Services.  I tried manually installing the Reporting services rsSharePoint.msi, it kept failing.  I also tried rsSharePoint_x64.msi, also failed.
Next I ran SharePoint install manually after the manual prerequisites was run as Administrator, failed.

Noticed I had 2 rsSharePoint.msi that are of a different size?  The file I used on 2 Sept 2010 on my Win 2008 R2 WFE was 36.9MB in size, my other was 39MB.  rsSharePoint.msi download

I use the version off the SQL media for getting Reporting Services wirking in the SharePoint mode.


Error: rsSharePoint.msi wont install
Fix: There are version versions of rsSharePoint.msi, ensure you use the correct 36.9MB file.
I downloaded the correct version from
Incorrect 39MB Version as of 2 Sept 2010 .
These file have the same name but they are different and using Windows 2008 R2 for my install only the 36.9MB version works.


Installation Notes for a 3 server NLB SharePoint 2010 farm


Anonymous said...

I too am having the same exact issue...havent found a fix yet

Paul Beck said...

If you can't install rsSharePoint.msi (running in admin mode), ensure you have the right version. MS has 2 different verions of the file. I have asked MS to fix/clarify on the issue.
The correct version is 36.9MB can be found at

Paul Beck said...

Microsoft are aware of the problem and are fixing the discrepency.

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