Tuesday, 7 September 2010

SP2010 AutoSPInstaller NLB farm install issue - Trial period for this product has expired

Problem: I created a farm using the AutoSPInstaller project. All works perfectly. I then joined a 2nd SharePoint 2010 server using the script however the script was change to not create the services again. All works and I have a 3 server farm including the database server. I then added Windows 2008 R2 network load balancing on the 2 SharePoint 2010 servers. If try access the default Team Site created when I built the 1st server on the new server I get the error "The trial period for this product has expired." Event log doesn't show an error and the ULS shows the following error "Exception thrown while adding control 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.SearchBox' : Thread was being aborted ...".

Hypothesis: The install adds the IIS web site created on my initial farm build on the 2nd SharePoint server. Routing is working and the error occurs when the request is routed to the 2nd SP2010 server. The response is coming from the IIS web server and we know the issue is within the specific web app.  In MOSS there were 2 causes for the error message and this is clearly not the SP2 bug so it looks more like the app pool account bug.

Resolution: Create a new Web Application and create a new root Site Collection. The error goes away. OR
Using Powershell change the Managed account then using IIS Manager on each web server go to the approoriate app pool and change the account to the new account. 
Use Central Admin to change the service account.  CA > Security > Configure service account.  You will need to reset IIS on each web server.
Demo on changing app pool managed accounts


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