Tuesday, 28 September 2010

SP2010 Connections Conference in The Hague - Day 1

Keynote by Steve Fox was good but felt too sales orientated.  It's always hard to deliver a keynote at a  technical conference with the variety of attendees.  So overall not the worst and it covered a lot from previous conferences so not much new information outside of prepare for Azure with SharePoint.  Also SP1 for SharePoint 2010 will be available sometime in 2011 Q1.

Andrew Connell - AC is always good value however today he had a problem with his laptop/VM and the demos didn't work, still a good presentation on building RIA Rich Internet Applications or as the slide read "Rich Business Applications".  Looked at 2 demos for building RIAs using Silverlight client object model vs Restful web services (*.svc), nothing ground breaking but useful if you are new to using the Client Object model.
  • SharePoint apparently in it's page headers returns how busy the SharePoint server is with a number between 1-10, 10 being very busy.  You can see this in fiddler.
  • Anonymous user sites should generally use RESTful WS rather than Client OM/Silverlight as you need authentication. 
Ted Pattison's Extending the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint tools was a great session.  Forget T4 templates.  Extensibility projects (VSIX) uses .NET4.0 and is based on MEF.  It's pretty straight forward and I can't wait to build some templates for SP2010.

Michael Noel's session on on Disaster Recovery & High Availability cover load balancing (use sticky sessions, Hardware is better than Sw load balancing), search options and improvements of MOSS search, SQL clustering and mirroring, use SQL alias's for pointing your farm at the db, common farm architectures, SP2010 and virtualisation (not ideal for SQL server), 3types of mirroring, Split content db's but not too small, Backup options and i need to review MS's DPM product.

Went to Andrew Connell's LINQ to SharePoint 201 Best practices.  Key takeaway is SPMetal only works on native SP Foundation types, M+LINQ to SharEPoint can be extended as it is implemented using partial classes, the iCustomise interface helps extend SPMEtal for more complex types such as Html fields and Metadata.

See Razvan-Petru Radu conference notes


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