Thursday, 3 March 2011

Access SharePoint document libraries from Office

Problem: You can't save a word document to a SharePoint 2010 document library directly from word.  This applies to all products in the office suite and saving to SP2010 & MOSS from Windows Server 2008.  I was getting the error "You can't open this location using this program." when pointing the document to a SharePoint library.

Note: This only applies if your OS is Windows 2008 Server.

Initial Hypothesis: This only affects Windows 2008 Server users.  So it's really just developers looking at saving to SharePoint from the Windows 2008 Server environment, you would also need Office installed.  The issue is with the restricted access the Windows 2008 server allows by default.

Open Server Manager > Features > Add the "Desktop Experience" feature.  Andrew Woodward has a post on the issue for more information.


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