Saturday, 5 March 2011

SharePoint Retreat Saturday

SharePoint Retreat London 2011, Saturday, March 05, 2011 London held by Andrew Woodward (@) & Wes Hackett.  A brilliant day, if you get a chance to go to 1 of these you should.  Met some good SP people and got great tips & pointers.  The bonus was I won a Type Mock Isolator licence.

Andrew gave a clear example that we worked on throughout the day, enjoyed the unit testing with nUnit.  I'm not totally sold on the TypeMoch as I feel like I'm testing the SharePoint API but it does increase code coverage.    
More Info:
Paul Hunt (@cimares) has done 3 great posts on the SPRetreat event.  Paul has transcribed the sessions extremely well and with good examples delivered in a step by step approach.
Update 10/08/2011: Unit testing Guidance


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