Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Problem with DIP using Lookup Columns

Problem: The Document Information Panel (DIP) in MS Office Word 2010 won’t do lookups to a list within MOSS.  This is a known bug. 
What is affected:  I have tested this on SP2010 and the issue has been resolved.  This only affects MOSS when using the Document Information Panel (DIP) for Word 2010, Word 2007 and Word 2003.

Initial Hypothesis: The issue is caused by MOSS User Interface (UI) when the lookup column is created. The UI links the document library content type to a custom SharePoint 2007 list using a GUID. The issue is that the GUID should be surrounded by {}. SharePoint UI knows how to handle these missing curly brackets however, all the MS Office applications (Word 2010 in our case) need the correct hook-up.  The hook up is wrong, hookup the document libary using a differnt approach.

Resolution:  Login to a WFE that has SharePoint Manager 2007 (codeplex project) installed. Navigate to the SavillsSolar Site Collection and amend the lookup property by surrounding the GUID with curly brackets. The url below details the change and additional information. 
Alternative Resolution: Create the custom list in the root of the site collection, the custom content type for the document library should have a lookup added.  This fixes the problem but requires content type to be create 1st.  Lookup list site column to be created 2nd.  3rd use the custom document contnet type in the library.  Lastly, the custom list has to be in the base/root of the site collection.
Alternative Resolution: Move to SP2010 not to practical but another reason to promote the move to your business.
Summary:  This is a rehash of Bernado Nguyen-Hoan's Blog post on the same topic that allowed me to quickly fix the issue on an old MOSS farm.  The new bit is that the lookup columns from SP2010 using the DIP have been fixed and the best appoach is to have your custom list (lookup list) directly under the site collection.



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