Sunday, 27 March 2011

SPMetal Jbg Presentation evening

Thank-you to everyone that came to the presentation and Singular who sponsored the event.  I enjoyed doing the 2 sessions and meeting some new SharePoint folk.

Slide decks:

Session 1 - PowerPoint SP2010 Data Access (includes the introduction to LINQ to SharePoint)
Session 2 - PowerPoint presentation on LINQ to SharePoint with the demo

I'll record the slides and if i can get the presentation to a reasonable size I'll add the downloads here - more info to follow.

Code Download:
VS2010 solution - This solution contains 3 projects with the code used for this presentation.
  1. SPDemoLists - Pragmatically deploy the Customers and Order lists with a list lookup and populate the 2 lists with seed data.  Sandbox solution.
  2. SPDemoUI - C# sandbox solution that contains a visual user control (web part) that allows a customer to be selected in a drop down and then display the related orders for that customer.  Additionally there is a button to delete the selected customer. 
  3. SPDemonUnit - is an NUnit blank C# project setup ready to start adding unit tests.
SharePoint 2010 Johannesburg Knowledge Group Meeting Post
Event details:
Session summary's
Session 1
Presentation - Overview of data access in SharePoint. What are your options? Is SharePoint storage always the answer? What is LINQ to SharePoint? What is LINQ to SharePoint not good at? The 8 caveats to LINQ to SharePoint.
Session 2
Demonstrate LINQ to SharePoint 2010. Using Visual Studio creating a visual web part to perform CRUD operations on SharePoint lists.


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