Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Automate the deployment of an WCA 2013 farm - run the setup.exe silently

Problem:  I have been trying to automate the creation of my Office Web Apps (WCA) 2013 farm and hook it into my SharePoint 2013 farm.  When installing the WCA binaries using PowerShell I get prompted periodially. 

Initial Hypothisis:  Using the setup.exe /? switch I don't see a run silently or accept defaults.  I tried extracting the exe and workingout the switches without joy.  Asked some folks an no answer.  The is a /config switch but I have no idea how to structure it.  Eventually I noticed a folder on the WCA binaries ""

Resolution:  Run the setup.exe and supply the location of the configuration file for a silent install.  If you refer to the config.xml as I have done above, the install will use all the default settings.  Change it if you want a custom Office Web Apps install on each machine in the farm.

I could not find this on the Internet and once I got there is is on the net, see below - recon I need a Google search training day.

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