Monday, 16 September 2013

SSRS - Reporting Library lables for SQL Reporting Services

Problem:  I am building a 14 SP 2013 server farm for my client.  I automate the installation of SSRS onto the SP farm (the SQL installation is also automated).  I use Powershell to create a reports library and add the SP SSRS CT's to the library.  On smaller farm installs it all works on my farm the labelled to the CT look odd e.g. $Resource.....

Environment: 10 Search servers, 2 WFE's and 2 App servers.  I have 3 SQL nodes made up of 6 SQL Servers to hold the databases.  This is an Always on Availability Group per 2 SQL servers.  So a dedicated search database, dedicated SP and a SSRS/SSAS SQL cluster.  This is SP2013 with SQL 2013 SP1 on Windows 2008 R2 on VMware.  The install of SP is based off AutoSPInstaller.

Initial Hypothesis:  I was concerned of adding the SQL roles or the version on the app servers where the SSRS service resides, this is not the issue.  It looks like the labels to the CT's are missing in the UI.  It appears to be working from my initial testing, so it is purely a cosmetic bug.

Resolution: I installed the SQL_RS feature on the 2 WFE's and added the services to each VM (i.e. install SSRS Service app on the web front end servers).  The labels show up correctly.  My next test will be to stop the SSRS services on the WFE's. I believe this will still run correctly. 

Note: This is probably a good idea to do anyway as I can easily add the SSRS service at a later stage to more servers without having to install the SQL_RS feature.

Update 2014-03-03:  On a daily build environment consisting of 2 WFE and 4 App servers, I recently had a issue whereby SSRS installed and the SSA for SSRS is created using Powershell.  I can see the SSA and the service running on 2 of the APP servers in the farm.  CA is running on another app server and SSRS is not showing up in CA.  If I install SSRS on the CA box it all shows up in CA.  I assume the feature is not being activate and if activate would show up correctly.



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