Tuesday, 17 September 2013

OWA patch issue - Windows Update KB2592525 must be installed

I followed the Technet instruction to install OWA 2013 on Windows 2012 which are clear but did cause me to have this hiccup.

Problem:  After installing OWA 2013 binaries I try to create my new farm on Windows 2008 R2 using the PS cmd>New-OfficeWebAppsFarm –InternalURL "http://servername" –AllowHttp -EditingEnabled
I receive the following error: "New-OfficeWebAppsFarm : The operation failed. The server did not meet the following prerequisites: - Windows Update KB2592525 must be installed."

Initial Hypothesis: I have already installed the OWA pre-requisites and KB2592525 is part of the "Windows PowerShell 3.0" pre-requisite. 

Resolution: I downloaded the KB for Windows 2008 R2 and try install it.  It fails with the erro saying that the kb is not for this version of Windows (This update is not applicable to your computer).  So this failed now I'm getting rather irratated with Microsoft and the OWA install.  Failed, and I need to define a new problem.

Problem:  I can't install the download KB2592525.

Resolution: I found this post explaining how to fix my error "When you try to install Lync WAC server (Office wen apps server 2013) on Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2 SP1 you may have this error while installing KB2592525 required update (This update is not applicable to your computer)."

While routing arround my OWA Server, I noticed that the Windows Service "Office Web Apps" has not started.  It fails if you try start it.
 My event Viewer show the following error "The Farm settings are invalid...":
This is correct, the service only starts when the new OWA farm is created.
Note: The Windows Service "Office Web Apps" will only start once the New farm is created, not when the OWA binaries are installed. 


Max said...

Thanks a bunch - helped me with my SharePoint OWA deployment!


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