Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Developer SharePoint Machine Prep

BgInfo - Automatically display local computer information on the desktop's background, such as the computer name, IP address, ect
Disable ShutDown Event Tracker - Stop the comment box on Shut down of your developer machine.
CKS - Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition by Matt Smith and others. Invaluable if not just for deployment of code.
.NET reflector - Explore compiled .NET assemblies
SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool
SharePoint Manger
U2U - CAML builder tool - Still a great tool and works with SP2010
SharePoint Designer (SPD) 2010
Visual Studio 2010 (Professional version is the lowest edition but any version will work)
FireFox with Firebug (like the IE developer toolbar, good developer tools e.g. css), collazilla (colour picker for firefox), Firequery (jQuery addin), FiddlerHook (integrate Fiddler) & YSlow (Page performance and optimisation)
IE Developer Toolbar part of IE 8
Update 29/08/2010 - Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools - Useful if you are using Sandboxes, adds 2 functions: Sandbox visual web parts & Sandboxed compilation.  Also note CKS has remove there sandboxed template in version CKSDev 1.1 release 1 August 2010.  Update 23/06/2012 - CKSDev is at version 2.4
Accessibility: http://www.cynthiasays.com/ &
Update 20/09/2010 - Also add Visual Studio 2010 Sharepoint Power Tools, it has sandboxed solutions and sandboxed visual web parts has been removed from the CKSDev project, so also get the latest CKSdev code.
Update 20/09/2010 - SPTraceView on codeplex is worth installing.
Update 26/11/2010 - Enable wifi on Windows 2008 R2
Update 24/06/2011 - Smtp4Dev is a useful codeplex project for collecting email sent from the dev machine.
Update 24/06/2011 - Office 2010 Plus has all the office applications and includes InfoPath.
Update 24/06/2011 - Visual Studio 2010 SP1 was realease in May 2011 and should be installed.
Update 24/06/2011 - Unit Testing nUnit, TestDrive.NET & TypeMoch or Rhino Mochs.
Add VS cmd prompt to VS using External Tools:  %comspec% /k ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat"" x86
Update 08/01/2013 - Create Shortcuts on the desktop using Powershell (14 hive folder and  hosts.exe) download
Update 09/01/2013 - Ps to add hosts entries.
Update 13/02/2014 - Process Explorer (Usefule if a machine has high memory, CPU or IO issues)
SoapUI if you are working with web Services.


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