Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Moving content between environments

There are some good options for moving content and sites in SharePoint. I have seen to many people write custom migration tools and I strongly urge you to look at Chris O'Brien's Content Deployment Wizard and Metalogix's products before writing a custom tool.

Chris O'Brien has updated his Content Deployment Wizard for SP 2010 - for those of you that don't know the tool from MOSS it's a pretty useful tool for moving content between your SharePoint sites. Take alook at it on CodePlex.

Metalogix offer some really good tools around migrating content. The licencing can work out rather expensive for simple jobs but still far cheaper than writing complex code migration. It is very flexible and on the 2 MOSS projects I used it on I would highly recommend their products.
Metalogix have a wide range of tools for moving data to and from SharePoint including from other CMS & html websites.
You can migrate web sites, MCMS 2002, MOSS, file shares, exchange public folders, google apps, to SharePoint or SharePoint online.  I believe Metalogix works for BPOS via web services and for SP365 will use restful web services (.Svc) via the 3 client object models.

More (MSDN) information on SharePoint Migration using the SharePoint API
I'm sure there are other good/bad products out there so if you have used any pls add your comments.


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