Thursday, 17 June 2010

Filter web parts are missing

I couldn't find the "filter web parts" on my SP 2010 installation, they are there just add them to the web part gallery.
In the RTM the filter WP are available by default and didn't need to be added.

A list of OOTB Web Parts

How Filter WP work from the MS site. Writen for MOSS but still applies to SP2010.

  1. Connect a filter Web Part to a List View Web Part to display a subset of data.
  2. The filter Web Part provides a value.
  3. The filter value is passed to a column in the List View Web Part by using a Web Part connection.
  4. The List View Web Part displays only those columns that match the filter value


Paul Beck said...

Xslt List View(XLV) Web Part is great, been using it with the List filter and quick to deliver.
Also useful using SPD 2010 and working with the custom Xslt for changing the view quickly - a lot quicker and nicer than MOSS

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