Friday, 2 July 2010

Dynamic LINQ to SharePoint 2010

Problem: I have 2 connected Web Parts, the provider provide multiple values for lookup columns. I started with LINQ to SharePoint (SPMetal) but could not build up the query dynamically.
Hypothesis: My initial reaction was to use a dynamic CAML query as done in MOSS using U2U to work out my query. The issue is that the CAML is not safe (as we don't get validation until run-time) but at least I can dynamically build up my query.

Using Dynamic link with LINQ to SharePoint to can achieve the required result. The code is safe as least for run-time (my logic is still dodgy). Only issue is with the performance and the results if the list if large. Using a very broad LINQ-to-Sharepoint query that is converted into a CAML query anyway I get a large result set. I then filter using dynamic LINQ. Pretty heavy filtering and inefficient querying. Throttling concern: If I returned more than 5,000 items (default list throttling limit for SP2010 lists) I now loose results that should be queried (SharePoint would trim my SPMetal query and then Dynamic LINQ would work on the max of 5,000 items). Sure you can turn throttling off as a farm admin but not a great idea. You could programatically override the throttling (SPQueryThrottleOption.Override) using the server OM but this doesn't help for your SPMetal query.
In this case, my best option is to use a dynamic CAML query and get the exact set of data I am looking for.

Tip: Only get the fields you are using in CAML queries.
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