Wednesday, 14 July 2010

SP2010 CQWP customisation

Overview: Content Query Web Part (CQWP) in SP2010 is similar to in MOSS. This post walks thru using the CQWP to display a custom list and custom columns while outputting custom html via a custom xslt.
CQWP (need the publishing feature enabled, this creates the styles library and add the CQWP) by default uses the xslt /Style Library/XSL Style Sheets/ItemStyle.xsl.

  1. Don't write over ItemStyle.xsl as this si supplied by SP2010 OOTB. Rather create a new xslt and put it into the styles library. Build up the xslt, I based my file on the itemstyle.xsl file, see rules for getting the output you are looking for using How to: Customize XSL for the Content By Query Web Part
  2. Custom xslt formatting, I always add the following code in case I want to see what the available fields are:
  3. Deploy the custom style sheet via a feature.
  4. Create a new Custom list called "Pets" and add columns for Title, Age & Status (choice):
  5. Edit your custom xslt to display for "Pets" as shown below:
  6. Add a new CQWP to your page. Configure it to display items from your new list (Pets).
  7. Change the "Presentation" section, "Item Style" to Show "Pets". Apply the Changes:
  8. CQWP displays as:
  9. Edit the CQWP "Age" property to "Age"
  10. Edit the CQWP "Age" property to "Status"


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    BTW, the style libary is available in Foundation now.

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